About Me

All too soon life changes and we struggle to find our way.  This happened to me when my husband died in March of 2016. 
Five months have passed and I am here; taking one day at a time with determination to find my way, not alone, but with the support of many friends who have been by my side throughout this on-going grieving process.  It is painful, lonely and sad but I am. 
doing better each day.  I don't cry throughout the day any longer...accepting what I cannot change.  I have not experienced anger as some have.  What is there to be angry about?  Because my husband's life was cut short from illness...no...this is life.  He lived 75 years enjoying what he loved to do.  We're all going to die although we don't think it will happen to us, until suddenly it does.  I feel very blessed to have lived 23 years sharing my life with this man...
I would love to share my challenges and successes with my followers as I continue along my journey through life.  I will continue posting about survival on my blog and I hope my readers will follow my journey and what I have done since this last post.  Love to all...


I have owned and operated three country decorating shops, retiring
 in 2014.   It was exciting and rewarding, plus giving me the advantage of meeting people from many different parts of the country and I'm happy to say lasting friendships were made from the beginning! 

 Decorating was always second nature to me so my shop became my second home.   Another place to decorate!   My husband "Bunny" and I would travel the state and shop for vintage furnishings that I could paint and give new life.  It warms my heart when I think of the pieces I put my heart and soul into that were purchased  because my customers loved them too! 

Join me on my journey from retail to retirement.   I'm loving every minute of it!   The time came for me to stop my business world and just enjoy doing what I wanted to do everyday!   With my free time I can now focus on gardening again..my second love!   

This cottage was my shop for 9 years.   Now I use it as a studio.  I go there to meditate and create.  My husband's new workshop, previously my second shop (Things from the Past) is next to my studio (shown below).  We're sharing these precious years doing the daily things we love, side by side.   

My dear husband "Bunny" and my best friend for 23 years, passed away on March 14, 2016.  My life will never be the same without him by my side.  I'm trying to find my way but the pain of losing him is overwhelming.  I told him before he died that I was going to open the cottage again...he replied to me...that's good dear.

Did I forget to tell you that "Bunn" built four cottages beginning in 2006.  He was still working part-time to pay for our little venture.   I never dreamed our lives would take such a wonderful turn.